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The Mentorship Secrets Kit
By Colette Toach
Type: Workshop
ISBN: n/a

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The Mentorship Secrets Kit

The Secrets to Mentorship are at your Disposal

It is within our very nature to want to share anything new we have learned (especially if we are excited about it) with others. A toddler will learn a new word and will repeat it over and over in excitement and even an adult will call up his/her best friend to tell them about the new thing they have learned.

Mentoring others is a natural gift that God has given us as human beings, but there comes a difference between a mentor and a good mentor. A mentor will teach you what he knows and that is it. A good mentor will travail long with you until you reach the goal that has been set, you have gained all that you are supposed to, and even for you to surpass them!

Before I continue, let me ask you this question: "What trainer are you right now, and what kind of trainer do you want to be?"

God has placed you in a fivefold ministry office and He has given you the ability to train up others in that calling as well, but first, you need to know just how to do that you need to know how to pull that gold out of them!

Inside this kit, you will find many tools and truths about the difference between mentoring someone in prophetic training vs. the apostolic, and even what to look for in a disciple!

- Discover what it means to call someone to discipleship
- Why it is important to lay out the ground rules
- How to get your disciple to admire you
- The dangers of mentoring for yourself rather as well as them
- How to be a good disciple
- What happens after the mentorship is finished

There is much more to learn, but God has called you to train up His mighty men, so you better be prepared and have all the tools you need in order to do just that!

Mentorship 101 Book

Mentorship!What picture comes into your mind? It is a very hot topic in the church today, but clear teaching is lacking. In this series, you will not only find out what the role and purpose of a mentor is, but you will see the heart that is required!

For indeed mentorship is not just about imparting knowledge, but about being a vessel for the Holy Spirit. So that He can flow through you to mold and shape your disciple. Mentorship costs a price, for both the mentor and disciple, but it is what will bring fruit that truly remains.

God is raising up His Mighty Warrior, and if you want to be on the front lines of equipping God's people, this series will show you how!

How to Get People to Follow You Book

Colette pours out leadership secrets straight from the Throne Room that will make you the kind of leader others want to follow. No more hitting your head on the wall. No more being the only one excited about your vision.

Sharing from her own failures and triumphs, Colette hands you the keys to your success as a leader.

Just like Gideon, David, Peter and Moses who weren't born leaders, but were forged into leaders - so you can have the kind of crowd that will follow you anywhere. There is a strong leader inside of you yet. One who is admired, loved and sought out! Learn how to get people to follow you and fulfill the vision that God has given you.

Mentorship versus Spiritual Parenting MP3 Download

What the mentor produces is significantly different to what a spiritual parent does. If you mix the two hats, it can bring confusion and tear down instead of build up what the Lord desires to do in a person.

Find out what the goal of a mentor is versus that of a spiritual parent. Each one plays a vital part in spiritual and natural growth, yet function completely differently from the other. After learning the difference of the two, Apostle Colette takes it a step further and helps you identify who to mentor and who to parent.

The Leader of Mighty Men (Bonus MP3)

If you feel the call to a higher level of leadership, then you need to hear this message. You will discover that it is one thing to be strong, but another to know how to lead the strong.

In this message, Apostle Colette Toach takes you through the throes of the making of a leader. Track your progress and find out if you have what it take.

You too can be the kind of leader that others will lay down their life for... a leader that others not just obey, but that they love. Then, there is nothing that you and your mighty men cannot accomplish for the Lord.

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How to Get People to Follow You (Book)

Apostle Colette Toach pours out leadership secrets straight from the Throne Room that will make you the kind of leader others want to follow. No more hitting your head on the wall. No more being the only one excited about your vision.

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