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The Heart of the Trainer (MP4 Download)
By Denise Jordan
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The Heart of the Trainer

You have been called to "train" up God's mighty warriors and to raise a trend setting generation. To be as Elijah, someone who obeys the voice of God to find those hidden warriors and equip them for the call on their life.

However, to become a "trainer" is not something you wake up wanting to become one day because it would be a good idea, no it is something that has been with you all your life, and it is time you discover what that truly means:

  • Becoming a Trainer Requires Training
  • The Price of Becoming a Trainer
  • Jack of All Trades - Master of None
  • An Eye for the Beauty Inside

This fire inside of you to see God's children rise up into the mighty-men and women of God has been with you fare longer than you realize and it is something only you can do because God gave you the anointing to carry it out!


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