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The BIG FIVE Mugs - Full Collection
By Jessica Toach
Type: Mugs
ISBN: n/a

Price:  R 700.00

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The Big Five - Full Set!

For the first time ever on the AMI Bookshop, our very own BIG FIVE Mugs! For those of you who do not know who or what this Big five is, let's break it down for you.

The Big Five is five of Africa's most famous and dangerous animals to walk the plains of the savanna, and as such, they are some of the most hunted animals in Africa, a few of which are endangered. So most likely if you are going on a Safari this will be the top five you will want to keep an eye out for!

Now here is the thing - we have put a little play on the Big Five. Because just like Africa has their big five, we have our own... The Fivefold Ministry! So, what we have done is match up each of Africa's best with the Church's best!

So who's who in the zoo? Well, let us tell you!

  • King of the beasts the Lion - as the tamer of the beasts, the Apostle.
  • Rhino - as the misunderstood black sheep, Prophet.
  • The smartest and most sure of themselves, the African Elephant - as the practical, "with a little too much knowledge for their own good" Teacher.
  • The steady beast of burden the Cape Buffalo - as everyone's reliable go-to person the Pastor.
  • The quick on its feet and right to the point Leopard - the quick on their feet and right to the point Evangelist.
The Big Five Mug Collection

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